1st Nordic Sound Art Festival

August 23rd to August 27th 1995

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
Nordic House

contact: Mr.Rani Nolsoe
Tel: +298 17900
FAX: +298 19790

This 1st Nordic Sound Art Festival offers lectures, a competition and among other events a 6-hour concert by the YLE Experimental Studio's Louspeaker Orchestra. The orchestra will play above the Tórshavn roofs and the harbour. The concert consists of an uninterrupted collage of international sound-works depicting the interaction of sea, nature and human beings. 2 hours of the concert will be broadcast live by YLE from the Faroer Islands.
This unique broadcast will be recorded digitally and offered for broadcast to the EBU Ars Acustica group in four 25 minute parts

YLE also plans a CD of the event.
SOUNDING ISLANDS, P.O.Box 16, SF 00024. Yleisradio, Finland.