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“Soundprints: The Prague Pressings”

by Colin Black

produced by Ceský Rozhlas

Duration: 20’04’’


Soundprints: The Prague Pressings journeys through sound environments collected from Prague by the composer that are untreated (“real”) and treated by the composer (“psychological”) to form the works complex emotional arch. The inspiration for this work comes from the history, spirit and magic that is Prague interfacing with memories of home and place dislocated across time. Music and dialogue counterpoints the “real” and “psychological” locations and form an evolving relationship between these elements, where the composer explores the notions of home, memory, psychological perspective, place and space.

The roots of the composition called Soundprints: The Prague Pressings, which was composed for the PremEdition (PremEdice) of Radioatelier, come from 2006 – it was then that Colin Black visited Prague... with a microphone, of course... Its basis is the sonic picture of the city he heard when he was walking through its winding streets. This is how another composition was created and put into his Soundprints, which is a name he has used for a series of his compositions since 2004. These compositions are based on sound material recorded in particular places, which characterizes authentic sound atmospheres and records distinct acoustic situations. The composer usually lets such material be heard entirely authentically and without any compositional interference. Against this almost documentary authenticity he puts some composed psychologizing sound probes – assemblages that penetrate deep behind the authentic sound images and create a special tension full of imagination and very original atmospheres.

Soundprints are aural pictures, individually framed within the minutes and seconds of their durations. Like a photograph or a frame of film, each print is focused on a particular aspect, whether that is a thought, a sentence, a theme or a story. The soundprints are composited from performed text, soundscapes, music and electro-acoustic compositions.
 Soundprints: The Prague Pressings had its world premiere broadcast across Czech Radio’s Radiocustica program on the 27th Sept. 2008. 

"I value the first listening experience (even though I‘m going to listen definitely more times) and I feel this is a deep emotion what I’ve been listening to – which has been structured by impressions, but it’s not kind of narration – for me it goes far deeper toward a complex set of emotional polyphony, multilingual story which goes across traditional radio expressions"
(Dr. Michal Rataj, Executive Producer, rAdioCUSTICA, Czech Radio , 17th June 2008)

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