Sunday, 10. April 2011, 23:03 - 23:45, Ö1



1) Art’s Birthday 2011 – RNE Madrid – 25 years Ars Sonora

2) “Hieros Logos”

by Manuel Rocha (RNE, 2010)


Kunstradio dedicates this broadcast to two recent radio art productions from Spain: 25 years ago the radio art program Ars Sonora was founded on the Spanish Broadcasting Corporation RNE’s Radio Clásica. Für this year’s Art’s Birthday, Jose Iges and Ana Vega-Toscano have created a birthday mix of past productions, diving through 25 years of Spanish radio art: “From Radio Clásica we invite everybody to a travel that we could name 25 / 20: that means 25 years in twenty minutes with a double birthday celebration: the art’s birthday itself and the twenty-five years of Ars Sonora, the program of Radio Clasica focused on the creation of sound art and especially on radio art. For this double birthday we made a quick flight for a few of the many productions by Ars Sonora in these 25 years, using the wings of the word and human voice, an essential element in radio art. Whispered words, imagined, remembered, clean in silence, rescued in a landscape, voices tuned and orchestred with real or imagined sounds…”
Jose Iges is a radio producer and artist, who co-initiated the founding of the Ars Acustica group, a group within the European Union EBU specializing in radio art. Art’s Birthday is one of the annual events, for which the members join forces and provide a common infrastructure including satellite channels for the transmission of sound performances and concerts. Radio Clasica’s contribution was the fabulous mix by Iges and Vega-Toscano which includes fragments of the following productions:
  • Call me yesterday (Antje Vowinckel, 2005)
  • A-Roving (Eduardo Polonio, 1994)
  • Metalógica (Belma Martin – Pedro Lopez, 1998)
  • Del Amor y de la Guerra [From Love and War] (Marisa Manchado, 1999)
  • Los juegos [The Games] (Abril Padilla, 2003)
  • Música en bruto [Raw Music] (Mercé Capdevila, 2007)
  • EAJ-12 (Javier Darias, 1994)
  • The Last Words of Ulises (Leopoldo Amigo, 1998)
  • Hot&Cold (Agniezska Waligorska – Pekka Sirén, 1992)
  • Deriva nº 2: Venecia (Pedro Elías, 1990)
  • Atardecer en un patio [Sunset in a Courtyard] (Edith Alonso, 2008)
  • Hieros Logos (Manuel Rocha, 2010)
The end of the mix is taken from the piece “Hieros Logos” by Manuel Rocha Irtupide, a commission by Radio Clásica, which premiered at the Alicante Music Festival 2010: “This work deals with an abstract imaginative narrative, where the characters are represented by the sounds of the voice and the human language, not mattering their linguistic origin (Spanish, English, Hindi, etc), the sound source (a baby, a man, a women, an old man), or possible idiomatic meaningless signification (invented electro acoustic sound poetry, etc). The theme that flows through the story is the power of the voice and the speaking language as signs of communication, primarily in the emotional and intuitive planes. These sonic elements, always charged with energy, have been able to transform us through praying, labor singing, sound poetry, and recently with the creation of a new music based not in Melody, but on the different sounds of the human voice."