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1) “A Box of 78s” 

by DinahBird

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2) “2 min 35” 

by DinahBird and Jean-Philippe Renoult

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1) “A Box of 78s” by DinahBird

“This is the story of a box. A leather box that is over eighty years old and has lived in three different countries, and on two different continents. It contains over fifty 78 rpm recordings of  classical music and opera hits of the day.

The box and its contents were inherited by my grandmother who was born on the Gulf Islands, British Columbia, in 1910. She grew up on Salt Spring. She took the box with her when she left the island in 1925 and carried it to her various adult homes until her death in 2000. In September 2012 I retraced the box’s long journey and took the records back to the island where they were first played.

Using my great-grandfather’s diary and daily notes on the weather as a guide,  I played the records outdoors, on a portable gramophone in spots around Salt Spring where my grandmother and her family had picnics, played tennis or danced, and I recorded what happened.
I also talked to today’s Salt Springers, and my late Great Uncle, about their memories and reasons for being on the island.

This composed sound work blends memories, observations, field recordings and music.  This piece is about rekindling lost, and perhaps forgotten, sounds. Are they so very different to those my grandmother heard? It is a personal response to the people and places of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.”

Recording editing and mix: DinahBird
Additional field recordings and moral support: Jean-Philippe Renoult
Mastering: Laurent Codoul


2) “2 min 35” by DinahBird and Jean-Philippe Renoult

In the 1950s and 60s a scientific report compiled by the record industry stated that teenagers, due to their very short attention span, were unable to listen to a piece of music that lasted more than 2 minutes 50 seconds. This is perhaps one of the reasons that rocknroll and pop songs from that period only last around 2 minutes 35.
In 1967 Sylvie Vartan sung the song “2 minutes 35 de bonheur” (‘ 2 Minutes 35 of pleasure ‘)

With this in mind we decided to make life, and listening to music, easier for the ageing adolescents of yesteryear. We sampled hits from the 1960s and 1970S, some are easy to recognise, others not. We then played these loops on radios and ghettoblasters in different places around Paris. Whilst the loops were being played DinahBird, in the manner of a radio continuity announcer, filled in the pauses and described what she saw going on around her.

We call them: Pop Field Recordings.

The radio installation and limited vinyl edition of “2min 35” was commissioned by Marlene Rigler for the exhibition 'Re-former le Monde Visible' (9th October - 17th January 2015) at Le 116, a contemporary art centre in Montreuil on the outskirts of Paris.