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Music and the Shadow People

by Andrew O’Connor

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Music and the Shadow People was self published by William Parker in 1995, I first became aware of the story a few years later when I saw the stage version William produced in the early 2000's. It wasn't long after that I got my hands on a copy of the original publication, and knew right away I had to make a radio drama out of Music and the Shadow People. The descriptive sonic nature of the text paints a vibrant aural landscape to work with, and the story itself (much like William's music) illuminates both the immense chaos and staggering beauty of the world around us.

The story takes place in a world that is for the most part ruled, dominated, and being destroyed by HE, a world built on lies, a world out of sync with the realities of the universe. Stockyman through secret radio broadcasts and guerilla style public speeches, risks his life trying to show people the way to the Tone World, the place where continuous sound and continuous silence exist at the same time. Stockyman's efforts make him a target for HIS army, a military who's sole purpose is to enforce the Structure of HE, and deny the existence of a Tone World. Knowing he can't win in any traditional sense up against an army, Stockyman proposes a different kind of battle. "We cannot win over bullets. We are too fragile. We must know it is not even about winning or losing, living or dying. It is about being, about going inside to the Spirit World.....The people of death don't believe in anything other than war, hate, and greed. They see nothing. They believe in nothing. Their world is fading.

„Music and the Shadow People“
Created and Produced by Andrew O'Connor
Written by William Parker
Music by William Parker

Narrated by Jeff Schlanger

Featuring: Trent Pardy as Stockyman, Gord Bolan as Johnson Wordless, Shelley O'Brien as Sarah Greybeard, Micheline Roi as mother of Sarah Greybeard, and William Parker reading The Intuitive Tomorrow.

William Parker's Homepage
Jeff Schlager paintings

*musicWitness® : The Shadow People (William Parker, Rob Brown, Denis Charles, Masahiko Kono, David Shields + Patricia Nicholson Parker, Julia Wikins, Ha-Chi Yu, Marcy Ziska Original art = 40 x 52” made Live @ Improvisors Collective in Context, NY May 26, 1995.)