Sonntag, 29. Mai 2016, 23:03 - 00:00, Ö1



Photo: Robert Adrian

"Coreografie dell’ invisibile"
by Arsenije Jovanovic

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Kunstradio presents a new radio piece by Arsenije Jovanovic, entitled Coreografia del’Invisibile, Choreography of the Invisible. Born in 1932 in Belgrade, Jovanovic has been active as a radio drama producer and author, theater director, composer of film scores and radio artist. Kunstradio has worked repeatedly with Jovanovic and has had the pleasure to present works such as Concerto Grosso Balcanico in 1993, and Cathedral’s Fall War Opera in 2005. While these two pieces have dealt with the Balkan Wars, Jovanovic prefers not to give information on the contents of his recent piece. It is a solemn, abstract radio composition of 34 minutes duration.

“What I do expect and do hope to happen is that even the professional acoustic people will not recognize the original sounds, where from I start working on Coreografia del’Invisibile. The art work is not a wine about which you want to know where it is coming from, which vineyard and how old it is. And when you listen to some music it’s not like you take some medicament and want to know how to use it and how much of it, how many times a day etc. I believe that I don’t act like a miser to my listeners, on the contrary, when a listener discovers the secrets of my work, its foundation, I bestow my listener not interfering with his or her imagination while freely listening to the work – of course, it’s the case with every artwork and it is certainly the case with Coreografie dell’invisibile.”
(Arsenije Jovanovic)