Sonntag, 17. Jänner 2017, 23:03 - 00:00, Ö1



Image: Stefan Biedermann

Art's Birthday

Live aus dem esc Medien Kunst Labor
mit Reni Hofmüller, David Pirrò und Hanns Holger Rutz

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On January 17th, Art’s Birthday is celebrated worldwide. Because of this wonderful event Kunstradio has invited esc Medien Kunst Labor and the media artist Reni Hofmüller in Graz to take over the mixing desk and the program. "Imperfect Reconstruction" by Anemone Actinaria (David Pirrò and Hanns Holger Rutz), 23.20 - 23.40. The duo 'Anemone Actiniaria', consisting of David Pirrò and Hanns Holger Rutz, seize the two sound computers and the 48-channel loudspeaker system, which have been installed at esc in for the exhibition 'Imperfect Reconstruction', developed together with Lisa Horvath. The radioperformance by Anemone Actinaria re-interprets the existing sound structures.

Presentation and remixes of Art’s Birthday gifts: Reni Hofmüller, including the piece “Ich kann so nicht nicht arbeiten! / I cannot not work like this!” by zweite liga für kunst und kultur from the project “Der Druckauftrag”, 2013.

Participation: Radio Helsinki, Graz.
Ulrike Fauster with excerpts from Jazz on Mars by Michael Hornstein and Georg Wissa with Raumfest.

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