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1) „A point in time“
2) „Drawing of a Landscape“
3) „Forever Young“ for Art’s Birthday

by Els Viaene

1) „A point in time“ (2018)


On 30th November 2018, the Belgian sound artist Els Viaene performs „A point in time“. A dummy head with two small microphones is placed in the room, as well as loudspeakers – a modest set-up for a sound performance.
The audience is instructed to wear headphones, all further narration is delivered by Els Viaene, who moves closer to the dummy head when she wants her voice to sound closer; and she does the same with the speakers, instead of adjusting the volume.

Viaene takes the audience on a walk through spaces and places she visited in the past, but also to spaces that never really existed – she constructs them live for the audience, and she suggests „listening through the same ears“.

The performance was part of the series „stromschiene“ in the Alte Schmiede in Vienna and adopted for Kunstradio by Els Viaene.

2) „Drawing Of A Landscape“


The recordings for „Drawings Of A Landscape“ were made in the North East of Belgium, in the province of Limburg. The starting point was a visit to a nature park called the Sahara in Lommel, a peculiar sand landscape surrounded by needle-leaved trees and a lake in the middle. This nature landscape is the result of years of sand mining for the glass industry in the 1920s. Sound recordings took place in a traditional glass workshop, a sand mining area and the Sahara. The tones added to the track are made from recordings of singing glasses. Drawing Of A Landscape investigates the hidden underlaying layers throughout time, whereas the eye can only see the present result of this history.

Commissioned by Musica (BE), for the Sound Atlas project.

3) “Forever Young” (2007)


Forever young was the theme of Ars Acustica’s event "Art’s Birthday Party 2008". For this performance, Els Viaene takes us on an imaginary journey of naturalistic and organic environments with a little nostalgic flavour. An ever evolving landscape based on field recordings and electronically designed sounds.

Produced by André Defossez, Musiq‘3 (RTBF) 

Alte Schmiede
Drawing Landscape
Forever Young