Sunday, 31. March 2019, 23:03 - 0:00, Ö1



Contribution by Michael Fischer, Composer
Foto: Lucas Cejpek

An installation by Margret Kreidl


The card catalogue in the library of the Literaturhaus Wien has lost its function due to digitisation. Evelyne Polt-Heinzl has transformed it into a quotation box and invited Margret Kreidl to redefine it.

Margret Kreidl has asked people who have accompanied and shaped her life as a writer to make a donation for one of the 60 drawers. The contributions come from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Cuba, the USA and Israel, from the disciplines of literature, theatre, music, visual arts, architecture, media and photographic art.

Margret Kreidl leads us through her installation, which is a contemporary chamber of wonders and riddles, and a time machine showing a network of relationships spanning more than 30 years: Society in the most beautiful sense of the word.

Foto: Lucas Cejpek

With “Antennenmusik” by Reni Hofmüller and a choir of dates and quotations, with Eva Dorlass, Marlene Hauser, Simon Scharinger and Chili Tomasson.
Sound design: Martin Leitner and Manuel Radinger. Director: Lucas Cejpek

The gifts come from:
Carlos A. Aguilera, author, Spanish teacher (C). Penka Angelova, author, translator, editor, professor of German literary history (BG). Yves-Jacques Bouin, poet, actor, director (F). António Breitenfeld Sá-Dantas, composer, conductor and countertenor (P). Lucas Cejpek, freelance writer, theatre and radio play director (A). Ann Cotten, writer (D). Jonathan Drillet, actor, theatre maker (F). Helga Eibl, painter (A). Gustav Ernst, freelance author, founder and editor of the literary magazine "kolik" (A). Gundi Feyrer, writer, artist (D). Erica Fischer, author, journalist, translator (D, A). Michael Fischer, music composer, conducts the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra (A). Richard Frankenberger, visual artist, initiator and director of K.U.L.M (A). Zsuzsanna Gahse, writer and translator (CH). Susanne Gamauf, artist, curator, director of FOTOGALERIE WIEN (A). Petra Ganglbauer, freelance author and radio artist (A). Andrea Grill, writer and translator (A). Mentor Halper, waiter and managing director of Café Rüdigerhof, (A). Franz Hammerbacher, freelance editor and author (A). Ludwig Hartinger, writer, editor and translator (A). Christoph Hauri, drawing teacher, visual artist (CH). Karl Hoess, freelance actor (A). Ulrike Hofmann-Paul, publisher, author, translator and lecturer (D). Reni Hofmüller, media artist, organizer and networker (A). Geoff Howes, translator, writer, professor emeritus for literary studies and German language (USA). Gerhard Jaschke, author, editor (A). Ilse Kilic, writer (A). Hildegard Kleeb, pianist (CH). Alfred Kolleritsch, writer, founder and editor of the literary magazine manuskripte, (A). Martin Krammer, architect and consultant (A). Leo Kreisel-Strausz, artist, cultural worker and graphic artist (A). Marie Luise Lehner, student, Institute for Language Art, Film Academy Vienna (screenplay), writer (A). Shimon Levy, Professor emeritus Tel Aviv University Theater Department, author and director (IL). Berndt Luef, vibraphonist, drummer and composer (A). Sandra Marissal, bookseller (D). François Henri Mathieu, translator, writer (F). Friederike Mayröcker, writer (A). Anna Minayev, theatre director, dramaturge and presenter (IL). Gertrude Moser-Wagner, visual artist, artist curator (A). Hansjörg Quaderer, freelance painter and book artist, lecturer at the University of Liechtenstein (FL). Nathalie Quintane, writer, teacher (F). Gerhard Rühm, author, composer and visual artist (A, D). Brigitte Salanda, bookseller (A). Simon Scharinger, student, acting director at the Max Reinhardt Seminar, member of the A-cappella-Boygroup Gesangskapelle Hermann, (A). Wencke Schmid-Grell, confectioner (CH). Gue Schmidt, artist, performer, exhibition organizer (A). Tom Schulz, freelance author, editor and lecturer in creative writing, (D). Heinz Schwarzinger, also called Henri Christophe, translator, production dramaturge, director (F). Waltraud Seidlhofer, author, (A) Wolfgang Seierl, freelance visual artist, musician and composer (A). Dieter Sperl, author, editor of the literature folder flugschrift (A). Mira Stadler, student, acting director at the Max Reinhardt Seminar (A). Gisela Steinlechner, author and curator (A). Eva Ursprung, freelance artist and curator (A). Rosmarie Waldrop, author and translator, publisher (USA). Ute Wassermann, vocal artist, composer and sound artist (D). Catherine Weinzaepflen, novelist and poet, translator (F). Uljana Wolf, poet and translator (D). Reto Ziegler, editor and publisher, Edition Korrespondenzen (CH).

Zitatkasten im Literaturhaus Wien