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Liquid Radio 3 curated by Radio Tsonami (Fernando Godoy)

- Pool by Sol Rezza
- #noessequiaessaqueo ::::: #itsnotdroughtitslooting by Rodrigo Ríos Zunino

Pool by Sol Rezza


Taking as its axis the repetitive sound of waves and drops; Pool is a piece based on the notion of the transformative power of the element of water as a continuum that balances one of the vital cycles of our planet; which is being radically affected by climate change.

It is an experimental radio piece that employs an approach through the composition of small sound loops on analog tapes developed in the 60s' by Delia Derbyshire, along with the forms of generative composition of Brian Eno.

noessequiaessaqueo ::::: #itsnotdroughtitslooting by Rodrigo Ríos Zunino


The precious element of water has been hacked, hijacked and pillaged by the contemporary elites of the human species all over the world. Transformed in the worst of scenarios into a product that can be commercialised, sold and resold to its last drop. Such is the case of Chile, where the Constitution allows for the exploitation of water rights as defined by the Water Code elaborated under Pinochet's dictatorship. Scandalous as it may sound the truth is many senators and ex-senators own most of the water rights in the country and collect absurd amounts of money from them, aside from repeatedly abusing the surrounding communities.

This is only the tip of a particular iceberg and this radio protest piece will take us through some of the issues via the voice of different activists and personalities, field recordings of rivers and other water sources in Chile, feedback, radio transmissions and leftover frequencies. Seeking -not only to denounce the horrible practices and laws that have led to a widespread drought, contamination and death in the country- but to remind us that the sound/information of a river, of an “untuned” radio and the great AUM -you, me and the universe- are ONE, not two or three, nor four nor five : ONE!
Water is NOBODY’s property! Water is SACRED! CHILE KILLS, TORTURES AND RAPES! Free the Waters NOW!

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