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Isolation Island

by Pia Palme


In November 2018, Vienna-born composer Pia Palme lived alone on the remote island of Örö in the Finnish archipelago. Örö is both a strictly protected nature park and a military base, and especially in the cold season hardly inhabited.

Pia Palme has taken many pictures of the island and collected texts and material. She has also included recordings of performances on the island in her radio piece, as well as excerpts from her lecture performance at the aNOther Festival in Vienna. Furthermore, you can listen to recordings with musicians of the ensemble airborne extended, some of which were made in the Vienna Funkhaus, as well as the singer Anna Clare Hauf and the historical oboe instruments of Molly McDolan and Ana Inés Feola.

Her radio piece revolves around the themes of boundaries, retreat, loneliness, the dissolution of boundaries, and is understood as a travelogue from a twilight line which is influenced by the artist’s experiences during the Corona Lock Down. A poetic radio track consisting of field recordings, sound performances, compositions, language and bass recorder was created especially for Ö1 Kunstradio.

Pia Palme, voice and bass recorder
Anna Clare Hauf, voice
Molly McDolan and Ana Inés Feola, baroque oboe instruments

Ensemble airborne extended:
Caroline Mayrhofer, recorders
Elena Gabbrielli, bass flute
Tina Žerdin, harp
Sonja Leipold, harpsichord

Thanks to the Örö Residency Programme, SKE Austro mechana, FWF Austrian Science Fund, BMKOES for supporting the trip and the artistic work.

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