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Arsenije Jovanović

1) PROLEPSIS, tuning instruments by Arsenije Jovanović
2) DIDZ - in memoriam Peter Rehberg aka Pita

PROLEPSIS, tuning instruments by Arsenije Jovanović


Arsenije Jovanović about his new radio piece


A concert audience for the most part does not pay attention when the orchestra tune their instruments  before the concert begins. It is likely no one notices it is the oboe leading the orchestra in tuning.  Audiences flock to the hall conditioned to listen to music. They don't perceive the warmup as such.  

It is safe to assume there are no John Cages in this audience. I met Cage  twice.  Once, long ago, I filmed him at the Museum of Modern Art in Belgrade. He played for hours on some window shutters and anything else within his reach. I didn’t ask him at the time anything about instruments tuning as a musical genre. Here and now, there is no point in expressing my view whether I think of it as music. What I endeavored to do was to extract pretty rare clear sounds from the sea of numerous recordings of instruments tuning, while skipping the murmur of voices, movements of chairs, doors closing and many other distracting immediate sounds. From the start, to get a usable palette of sounds to use took a ton of time. Extracting the pure tones was not an artistic act. I was like a hungry bird picking the remaining grains in a field after a harvest. With that grain on my sound palette, I began composing this piece almost exclusively from the sound of instruments tuning. Was it a kind of audio pointillism? It’s not up to me to pass judgment, let the listeners figure it out.

Arsenije Jovanović, 2021

Foto: Magdalena Blaszczuk

DIDZ - in memoriam Peter Rehberg aka Pita

On July 22, 2021, Peter "Pita" Rehberg passed away unexpectedly at the age of 53. Editions Mego founder, musician and performer Peter Rehberg aka Pita inspired and influenced generations of electronic musicians with his label work and music. Together with Andreas Pieper, Ramon Bauer and in the beginning also with Peter Meininger, Peter Rehberg has been running the international label Mego based in Vienna since the mid 90s. Ö1 Kunstradio has worked with Mego and especially with Peter Rehberg on several occasions. On the one hand, Mego distributed the Kunstradio CD Edition and helped it gain international distribution, since Mego had a well-functioning website early on, which also ran the online radio-on-demand Radio Duchamp. On the other hand, Peter Rehberg was involved in the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Kunstradio "Recycling the Future" in 1997, both as an artist and as a speaker at the international symposium. His lecture was titled GOOD BAD OR INDIFFERENT and contained the clear mission: FIND YOUR SOUNDS. DO NOT LOOK FOR THEM.

For his 1997 radio art piece "DIDZ", Rehberg found his sounds on eleven of his favorite vinyls including: Aphex Twin: Didgeridoo, Cabaret Voltaire: Johnny YesNo or Bruce Gilbert: This Way. Pita DJed these into his computer, processed them heavily and produced his piece "DIDZ" with the technical support of Ramon Bauer at Mego Studio.

Ö1 Zeit-Ton Magazin:In memoriam Peter "Pita" Rehberg