Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2021, 23:00 - 0:00, Ö1



Mandatum tradere

Composition for Ilse Aichinger by Christine Nagel & Dietrich Eichmann

with Tomonori Takeda (clarinet and bass clarinet)
voices: Gerd Wameling und Andreas Dittrich



The rebellion against what seems to be established constitutes the core of Ilse Aichinger's poetry from the very beginning. She writes "against the very common opinion of 'that's just the way it is', which accepts without question what it finds. The world demands to be countered." Experiencing near death formed the starting point for her to rediscover life for herself and others.

The composition brings the thoughts of the poem “Ende des Ungeschriebenen” into our present. Time and memory are measured in a new way. What remains decipherable when the traces of names fade away and the traces of the 20th century are moved to the archives? Ilse Aichinger's disappearance demands to be countered.

Ilse Aichinger:
Ende des Ungeschriebenen

  • « So wird niemand wissen
  • von unseren Atemstößen
  • als wir über die Brücke liefen,
  • und was hinter uns liegt,
  • erfahren sie nicht:
  • Die schwachen Namenszüge,
  • die geköpften Sonnen.
  • Die Vorhallen der Spitäler
  • sind still. »

Q: Ilse Aichinger: Ende des Ungeschriebenen.
In: Ilse Aichinger: Verschenkter Rat. Gedichte. Fischer 1991

Mandatum tradere is a continuation of the audio-visual concert installation “Ende des Ungeschriebenen” into the radiophonic space.

The premiere of the concert installation took place on August 14, 2021 as part of the Aichinger Days in Jeber-Bergfrieden.

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