Sonntag, 05. Juni 2022, 23:00 - 0:00, Ö1





RADIOPOSTe by Sam Erpelding

  • with Karim Aït-Gacem (B), Knut Aufermann (D), Katharina Bihler (D), Élodie Brochier (Fr), Sandra Laborier (Lu), Sam Erpelding (Lu), Martha Regueiro (B), Stefan Scheib (D), Emre Sevindik (Lu), Claire Thill (Lu) und Sarah Washington (GB/D)

  • In the middle of the pandemic, the radio art network "Radiom Radiôme" was formed in the Greater Region in 2021. From all parts of the Greater Region (Saarland, Lorraine, Wallonia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Luxembourg) sound and radio artists* participate, sharing their ideas, their sound archives, their creativity and their time to produce short radio plays. On June 03 and 04, 2021, they organized a two-day radio art festival in Saarbrücken and Luxembourg for which they produced live radio art.

    RADIO-POSTe emerges from the second part of their short radio play series. For this, the members exchanged sound postcards among themselves. The idea follows a traditional postcard. Except that the photo and text are replaced by the acoustic signature of an environment.

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