Art's Birthday 2005 Network

Radio Kinesonus – Arts Birthday 2005 Special

18:00 - 21:30 CET - 17:00 - 20:30 GMT - 02:00 - 05:30 JST


In the beginning, you will listen to  various sounds in the room where people get together, talk, eat/drink and  prepare playing. Also, the transmitter outside of the building "Goethe Gallery   Tokio" will bring some street noises to the radio receiver. Whenever someone  wants playing, however, the microphones will be switched only to the audio input for play. Probably after 19:00 CET (18:00 GMT), the artists will start their play.
At 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT, they will concentrate themselves into their live performance for  the Ars Acustica Special Evening and Kunstradio until 21:30 CET (20:30 GMT). So far, five artists and some guest observers will be there in person, and three artists will join the party virtually (on line).

Takumi Fujimura is an experienced artist in experimental music and various   type of performance arts. He plans to use old Chinese percussions with his   team players of saxophone.

Hiroshi Hasegawa is a member of Radio Kinesonus and has also been quite well   known as 'ASTRO' in the noise music community.

Masahiro Koyanagi is a rising experimental musician who is interested in using   lowtech electronics. He plays electric guitar as a sensor of vibration and   electromagnetic waves.

Tetsuo Kogawa is a founder of Radio Kinesonus and has been involved in various   experiments of airwaves not only from radio communication but also radio art.

Keith de Mendonca (London) is a sound artist, a music critic and an   ideosyncratic collector of experimental music LP/CDs. Recently, he has been   involved in several soundscape projects and experiments.

Jacques Foscia (Brussels) is an unique radio artist using vintage shortwave   radio receivers and also a very experimental clarinetist.