Anna Friz

creates media art, sound and transmission art, working across platforms to present installations, broadcasts, films and performances. Her creative and scholarly works often reflect upon media ecologies, land use, infrastructures, time perception, radio and transmission art histories, and critical fictions. She specializes in self-reflexive radio for broadcast, installation or performance, where radio is the source, subject, and medium of the work. Currently her focus is on a series of audiovisual works under the title We Build Ruins, which expressively consider mining and industrial corridors in the high altitude desert in northern Chile; and a 22-hour radio art work based on field recordings along the northern California coast within the fog line, commissioned for Radio Art Zone, a 100-day radio art station for Esch2022, which will be broadcast in the south of Luxembourg by Radio ARA on 87.8 FM.

In the autumn of 2015 she joined the Film and Digital Media department at University of California Santa Cruz, where she is currently Associate Professor. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the department of Sound (2011-2013), funded by the Fonds de recherche Québec – société et culture (FRQ). She earned her Ph.D. in the Joint Graduate Program in Communication and Culture from York University, Toronto in 2011; her dissertation is entitled “The Radio of the Future Redux: Rethinking Transmission Through Experiments in Radio Art.” In 2011 she was nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore award (Toronto) and the Betty Mitchell award (Calgary) for excellence in composition and sound design for theatre, received 2nd place in the Prix Palma Ars Acoustica 2014, a finalist for the Phonurgia Nova Sound Art Prize in 2017, and winner of a Phonurgia Nova residency award in 2019. Anna has also been awarded a Hellman Fellowship (2018) and a Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship (2022).

Sendungen im Kunstradio:

24. 06. 1999: "I am the one who says: here I am"
28. 11. 1999: "I am the one who says: here I am II "
19. 12. 1999: "Silence descends"
23. 01. 2000: "Radiokunst aus Canada"
03. 06. 2001: "There´s a risk of arrest if you turn right", gemeinsam mit Richard Williams
10. 02. 2002: FREQUENCity - "The Clandestine Transmissions of Pirate Jenny"
14. 07. 2002: "Central Dispatch"
08. 02. 2004: The Automated Prayer Machine - LIVE
29. 05. 2005: Vacant City Radio
14. 01. 2007: Wiencouver 1906 Long-Distance-Live-Performance
17. 06. 2007: Dancing walls stir the prairies mit Eric Leonardson
30. 12. 2007: „3 JOURNEYS THROUGH RADIA“ - Journey II
10. 02. 2008: Art’s Birthday 2008 – Geschenke und Ständchen
11. 05. 2008: „The Joy Channel“ mit Emmanuel Madan
21. 08. 2011: „Kanadische Radiokunst heute"
28. 08. 2011: „Radioarbeiten von Anna Friz"
04. 12. 2011: „Turner"
20. 01. 2013: “Art's Birhtday Review"
08. 12. 2013: “Collecting Clocks and Losing Time”
13. 04. 2014: Prix Palma der EBU Ars Acustica
12. 04. 2015: Telefunken Twins
04. 12. 2016: „unschärfen - eine art konferenz″
08. 01. 2017: Das Radioorakel – eine Aussicht
10. 09. 2017: 30 years of Kunstradio Live @ Ars Electronica Festival
01. 07. 2018: 80/30. An on air – on line – on site Homage for Heidi Grundmann
27. 06. 2021: Reality Triangle / Wirklichkeitsdreieck - LIVE
31. 07. 2022: The Clandestine Transmissions of Pirate jenny

Projekte im Kunstradio:

I am the one who says: I am here
Sound Drifting
Curated by: Anna Friz -- Reception Is Interception
Art's Birthday