Florian Kmet


Born 1973 in Innsbruck, Austria.
Since 1991 he works as a classical trained guitarist and singer with a wide range of activities. He is a permanent member of lokai, trio exklusiv, Fatima Spar & ff, Superlooper and his soloproject KMET. He also colaborates with improvising muisicians and creates music for theatre and video, performance and radio.

lokai: 7 million            mosz 006            Mosz         2005
KMET: electric songs        konkord 017        Konkord     2007
Superlooper                superlooper 01        SLM         2008
lokai: transition            thrill jockey            thrill 219     2009

Schallwellen II            Extraplatte            Extraplatte     2002
Platzgumer    Musicpark Records    Musicpark    2006    
soundrawing    transacoustic research    tres 007    2007
I regret not having kissed you    dokidoki-records      doki         2008
Between the lines    universal music    UM               2008

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio:

25. 4. 2010: “TRANSITION PART 2: riding the turtle“