Oleg Makarov

Born in 1979
Graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory College and State Music Pedagogic Institute. Composes music of different styles – from academic to modern, including chamber instrumental, vocal and electroacoustic music. Editor-in-chief of the Russian "Electronic music" magazine. Live experimental electronic music performer.
Participant of the Moscow Laptop Cyber Orchestra.
His electroacoustic compositions were performed at the international
festivals: Moscow Autumn-2003 2006, International Rostrum of
Electroacoustic Music 2004 (Roma, Italy), Synthese 2004 2006 (Bourges,
France), Archipel Festival 2005 (Geneva, Switzerland), Musica Viva 2005
(Lisbon, Portugal) and others.
2007 Special Radio Drama Jury Commendation Prix Europa, Berlin.

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:
08. 02. 2009: Art’s Birthday 2009 Review – Teil 2