michael northam

m i c h a e l n o r t h a m [a k a m n o r t h a m ]

selected performances

(solo and collaborative)

12/00 Rijksakademie : Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sound performance with performance artist Tero Nahua and sound artist Mark Bain.

05-11/00 Various locations : Portland, London, Rome, Innsbruck, Linz, Vienna.
slow red - circulating green - Sound performance incorporating environmental recordings, prepared sound devices and live electronics.

09/00 Project Arts Centre : Dublin, Ireland
Sound performance with Michael Prime.

09/00 Extrasensory Festival : London, England
Sound performance with Michael Prime.

12/98 Akademia Muzyczna : Wroclaw, Poland
krew gory nilgiri - Sound performance with wire devices, electric bullroarer and recordings.

09/98 Chez Lulu : Liege, Belgium
involution - Sound-performance with wire devices, electric bullroarer and amplified stones

08/97 Teatro FANAL : San José, Costa Rica
the light that never was, on land or sea - Sound-performance with amplified metal rods.

04/97 The Candy Factory : Austin, Texas, USA
chakraphonics - Sound-performance in 7 hour work by Linda Montano and Ellen Fullman

10-11/96 ERG tour - Extrapool : Nijmegen, Netherlands; Mózg Club : Bydgoszcz, Poland; Klub
Artistika : Worclaw, Poland; Hörbar : Hamburg, Germany; HfBK 'the garage' : Hamburg, Germany; Maison de l'Etudiant : Caen, France; Theater E. Peralla : Longiano, Italy at the 'Altri Musica Altri Canti' festival; The Container : Florence, Italy at the 'Incontri Musicanici' festival Improvised sound performances using found objects and wire devices (with John Grzinich)

03/92 Keller : Frankfurt, Germany
Sound-performance with amplified cables touching rusted metal causing static patterns.

02/91 Mexic-Arte : Austin, Texas, USA
Sound-performance with industrial fan, resonant tubes and amplified cable.

selected installations

(solo and collaborative)

03/01 Pacific Northwest College of Art : Portland, Oregon, USA
animating stillness - sound installation with Jesse Engum examining the vibrations of found objects within low-frequency environment.

10/00 Observatori Festival : Valencia, Spain
entering molecular streams - Sound installation with 12 speakers playing six stereo recordings of aeolian harps inside of closed container.

09/98 Amorph 98! Festival : Suomenlinna Island, Helsinki, Finland
filtering the current - Installation of six aeolian harps mixed and amplified inside bunker.

08/98 farm buildings : Lavaud Pacaud, France
le nid - Long wire installation.

03/98 Movements Gallery : Austin, Texas, USA
a harvest of vectors - Long wire installation with John Grzinich and Carmen Resendez.

09/96 Berner Gallerie : Bern, Switzerland
nine irregular waves with perpendicular interference collectors - Long wire installation with John Grzinich.

06/96 Wall of Sound : Seattle, Washington, USA
five dreams from below the great magnetic bight - Installation of five automated wire devices.

08/95 Cornish College : Seattle, Washington, USA
ebb II - Interactive bowed wire sound installation with running water.

03/95 Alternativa Komotovka : Prague, Czech Republic
ebb I - Interactive percussive wire drone installation using automobile gasoline tank as resonator.

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

23. 6. 2002: "memoirs of four discarded objects"