Oliver Hangl


Oliver Hangl, born 1968 in Grieskirchen, Austria. Studies: theatre-theory, Italian at University Vienna. Currently lives and works in Vienna.

Oliver Hangl, who originally started his career as actor and scenic designer in 1993 (best known for his long-term acting as "Robin" in the TV-production "Phettbergs Nette Leit Show") operates at the point of intersection between theatre, cinema and fine arts. He stages artificial insights to scenarios that turn into projections of the clichees and fictions of the audience's own identity in various media such as cinema, video, music and multimedia live-acts. Hangl is involved in a broad range of activites, in which he frequently switches between the positions of artist, actor, producer and/or director. Likewise he acted as curator of an international video-program series, founded a museum and regularly collaborates with other artists.