Ollie Olsen

Ollie Olsen, composer, synthesist and sound designer, has been producing electronic and experimental music in Australia for the past thirty years. From his early studies in electronic music in the 70s, Ollie has gone on to produce a vast amount of work, ranging from experimental compositions to film and television soundtracks, to pop and dance music, to installation projects. He has lectured on electronic music at various universities and symposiums and performed with a wide variety of artists from across the globe.

Some Recent collaborations and projects include being nominated for Best Music Score for Head On AFI awards (2001); performed Generative/Regenerative live at Sonic Residues with Andrew Garton, Justina Curtis and John Power (2000); composed music and sound design for Troy Innocents Semiomorph Installation (2001); performed with Negativland (from USA-2001); worked on th electronic component of Australian composer Richard Mills' opera, Batavia (2001); guest soloist with the Australian Art Orchestra (2002); recorded with Japanese bands, BOREDOMS and AOA (2001-2002); composed sound for Andrew Gartons D3 installation at ACMI (2003); performed five shows as part of Damo Suzuki's Network (2004 ­ 2005; )contributed special effects sound design for Zhang Yimous film House of Flying Daggers (2004).

Ollie is currently working on a number of recording projects, mostly electro-acoustic pieces for performance and release in 2005. They include performing at the What is Music? Festival alongside, The Residents, 01000, Pansonic, et al; and participating in the Terminal Quartet and its performance of Drift Theory 03.

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:
29.01.2006: Frequency Post #4: The Crystal Remains of Dead Air Memories