Sol Rezza

Sol Rezza, 1982 in Buenos Aires geboren, Radiok√ľnstlerin und Sounddesignerin. Studium der Radioproduktion an der Escuela Terciaria de Estudios Radiof√≥nicos (ETER).

Born in 1982 in Argentina, Sol Rezza is considered one of the most seminal voices in the storytelling and experimental music scene in Latin America. Rezza has explored the materiality of sound for more than fifteen years. Her performances and sound works create worlds with immersive sounds that explore spatiality and temporality in various ways, through a sound that hides a deeply techno heart plus soundscapes and minimalist sound designs.

"Sol Rezza recreates dark atmospheres that lie between the limit of a deeply vivid dream and the darkest of nightmares!.
- Radio Corax