Lasse-Marc Riek

Lasse-Marc Riek (1975, Germany) uses different forms of expression in his producing. His works are interdisciplinary and can be conceived as groups of works of both visual art (action and conceptual art) and sound art. His art of sound can be described in terms such as acoustic ecology, bio acoustics and phonography. Here, Riek uses acoustic field recordings, storing them with different recording media, editing, archiving and presenting them in different contexts.
Since 1997, he has operated internationally with exhibitions, concerts, lectures and projects and given guest performances in galleries, art museums, churches and museums. Contributions in public media as well as in podcasts. Scholarships and artist-in-residence programs realised in Finland, Poland, France and Africa.
Since 1998 numerous international publications of phonograms.
Since 2003 founder member of the audio publishing company Gruenrekorder, focusing on soundscapes, field recordings and electro-acoustic compositions, and in this connection, acting internationally with artists and scientists.
Since 2006 member of the European Forum Klanglandschaft FKL (The World Forum for Acoustic Ecology).
Since 2008 founder member and directorate Verein zur Förderung von Phonographie und Experimenteller Musik Frankfurt am Main (Society for the Advancement of Phonography and Experimental Music).
Award: “Series Invisible” book (Korn/Riek) mentioned at Prix Phonurgia Nova.
Award: Gruenrekorder online compilation "Autumn Leaves" has won the Quartz Electronic Music Award in the category "Compilation".

Sendungen im ORF KUNSTRADIO:

13.12.2009: "urban sound stories" vol. 4: rotterdam