Hernán Risso Patron

He was born on December 31, 1971 in Salta (Argentina).
Sound Engineer, Editor and post producer of sound. Professionally develops in the film industry in Argentina as audio editor. He is Professor at the National University of Buenos Aires in the Centre of production and Audiovisual research of the school of Social communication. Chair holder: Expression and narration of the sound, new technologies, and introduction to the technological management in the school ETER of Buenos Aires.
As Radioartist won the 1st prize in the drama category at the 5th Biennial of Radio of Mexico with the play "Luna Roja" and, at the same event, he presented "Heartbeat" ("Latidos"), sound work inspired by the tale of Julio Cortázar "Night mouth up"("La Noche boca arriba"). He participated together with the Group of Theatre "e" in the 7th Edition of the contemporary scene Festival in Madrid presenting a version 5.1 sourround the radio drama "All that fall", by Samuel Beckett.
In 2012 he has participated with his work 'Interference' in the collective project Resonoser within the framework of the I Ibero-American meeting of sound art in Radio developed in the city of Mexico.

Selected Works

Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

14. 07. 2013: Latidos