Stephan Willats: Extending the meaning in Art, a basis for Operation.

      Side 1... West London Social Resource Project.
      Side 2... Meta Filter.

    Although each side of the tape is concerned with the topics shown above, the discussion ranges over a wide area, covering the background sources, operation in some detail and evaluation of Willats' "socially interactive" art works. (A)


  • Recent English Experimental Music
    Howard Skempton: "Waltz" John Tilbury, piano; Christopher Hobbs: "Aran" P.T.O.: Alec Hill, Christopher Hobbs, Hugh Shrapnel, John White. 3 piano duets: Christopher Hobbs and John White; Gavin Bryars: "Ponukelian Melody"; Gavin Bryars; cello, John White: Tuba, Christopher Hobbs: organ and orchestral bells.
    John White: Piano Duet 10,11,12 & 13. "Photo Finish Machine" Christopher Hobbs and John White, percussion/piano duet.
    Michael Parsons: Piano piece 5. Michael Parsons, piano.
    James Lampard: "The Caterpillar", Majorca Orchestra.
    Michael Nyman: "The Otherwise Very Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz" Orlando Gough, John Lewis, Ben Mason, Michael Nyman, Dave Smith: Pianos. This issue was produced in collaboration with Studio International and is complementary to the November/December 1976 issue "Art & Experimental Music". (A)


  • Ideology & Consciousness
    Conrad Atkinson: Art & Politics. This contribution by Conrad Atkinson formed part of a two day conference on Art & Politics which took place in London in April, 1977. The overall theme of the conference was the relationship between politics and art expressed in five concepts, which themselves formed the topics of the conference sessions: patronage, art and government, political art, sexual politics and the nature of the avant garde. In this context Atkinson spoke about the political nature of bis own art. "Free International University for Creativity and Interdisciplinary Research" founded by Joseph Beuys and made active in England by a wide range of individuals induding Caroline Tisdall. This short statement sets out the aims and general concerns of F.I.U.
    Mars Kelly and Susan Hiller discuss Women's Practice in Art. This tape is a discussion between two women artists who are deeply involved in the problems of developing their work within a ~"male dominated society and art world" (A)


  • Side 1
    documenta 6: Statements and Spaces

    This programme 15 a compilation of recordings made in June 1977 at documenta 6, an international exhibition of contemporary art that takes place in Kassel, West Germany. The recordings alternate between statements/interviews and sound environments/installations.

    1) Claus Böhmler,
    2) Wolf Vostell,
    3) Achim Freyer,
    4) Albrecht D,
    5) Antonio Muntadas,
    6) Braco Dimitrijevic;
    7) Takis,
    8) Jan Breakwell, John Latham Barbara Stevini.
    Radio Loughwork - Belfast: John Carson.
    An artwork by John Carson broadcast by Downtown Radio, Belfast.

    From a Coded World: Stephen Williats.
    This was an art work that concerned how people perceived the customs, conventions and norms that structure their relationship to others within the community in which they live. This programm was recorded throughout the duration of Williats' pro ject and indcludes the artists, Project Operators, including Sandy Nairne and Roberta Graham, and Project participants who live in Perivale, West London. (A)

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