• Artists in Residence
    A discussion with three artists who had recently completed a period of residency, with: Helen Chadwick (,John Smith's Brewery), Maggi Hambling (The National Gallery), Jan McKeever (Art Space Merseyside) Chaired by Lesley Greene, final coment by Anthony Reynolds (In collaboration with <Art Monthly>, issue No 51, November 1981). (A)


  • (2 Cassettes)
    Mario Merz at the Whitechapel Gallery

    Mario Merz spent five days installing his exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in January 1980. Afer the work was finished he talked about it with Mark Francis, William Furlong, Martin Rewcastle and Nicholas Serota. On the tape Merz talks generally about his art, its references and meanings. Works discussed on the cassette include: <The Double Igloo>, <Luoghi senza Strada>, &The Spital Table>, <Two Lances>, and a painting made specially for the exhibition.

  • The Visual Arts in Tower Hamlets
    The Visual Arts in Tower Hamlets comprises a series of recordings made with artists and organizations in that part of East London. Although traditionally poor, the area is characterised by he many racial groups who have settled there, the old buildings particularly in the decaying docklands and the re-developenent schemes. Within this context a unique range and level of creative ativity can be found as can a number of examples of how art can have a specific function within a local community. Contributors to the tape include: Peter Dunn & Lorraine Leeson, Ray Walker, The Basement Community Project, Dan Jones, Jeff Perks, Chris Orr, John Copnall, Eva Lockey, Half Moon Photography Workshop and Liz Allen, comments by the local community and the Russ Henderson Steel Band (A)


  • Live to Air
    (3 Cassettes + l2pp booklet)

    International Artists' sound works: Rock Idioms: Bruce McLean, Julia Heyward, Rod Summers Art & Language, Barbara Ess, Dan Graham, Clive Robertson, Yura Adams, David Garland, Images & Narrative: Tina Keane, Jacki Apple, Adrian Hall, Arleen Schloss, Richard Layzell, lan Breakwell, Bob George, Ian Murray, Hannah O'Shea, Rose Garrard, Gerald Newman, Silvia C. Ziranek. Technolgical & Audial Space: Lawrence Weiner/Peter Gordon, Connie Beckley, Charlie Hooker, Anti Music/John Nixon, Maurizio Nannucci, Hank Bull, David Cunningham, Jack Goldstein, Tom Marioni David Troostwyk, Dieter Roth. Urban Reference: Kerry Trengove, Helen Chadwick, John Carson, Vito Acconci, Stuart Brisley, Les Levine, F. Uwe Laysiepen/Marina Ahramovic, Roberta M. Graham, Steve Willats, Elsa Stansfield/Madelon Hooykaas. (3 x A)

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