• David Bamberg... His Life & Work

    The first of a series of tape/slide sequences produced by Audio Arts in conjunction with the Whitechapel Art Gallery was seen during the exhibition <David Bomberg: The Later Years>. The sequence, including 80 slides and lasting 30 minutes, has been prepared with the co-operation of Mrs. Lillian Bomberg. This tape/slide presentation is the first of its kind including many <first generation> slides of Bomberg's later work drawn together for the Whitechapel's exhibition. (N/A)

  • Dan Graham

    The Static: Glenn Branca, Barbara Ess, Christine Hahn.
    Live performances at Riverside Studios, February 1979. (A)

  • Loreley, The Long Distance Piano Sonata by Dieter Roth with Bjorn Roth

    (Co-published with edition hans jorg mayer). 37 cassettes of piano music + prepared radio cassette player and Colour drawing by Dieter Roth. (POA)

  • Nine Works for tape/slide sequence

    A continuous programme of works by: Sally Potter, Paul Neagu, Dave Critchley, Kevin Atherton, Rose English, Reindeer Werk, Bruce McLean, Marc Chaimowicz, Jacky Lansley. 71 slides + 2 cassettes. (NA)

  • The Mad Woman of Cork
    Patrick Galvin

    Patrick Galvin was born in Cork City about 1927. He has recently lived in Belfast where he wrote a number of plays for the newly opened Lyric Theatre. In 1980 he left Belfast to work as Writer in Residence for East Midland Arts based in Mansfield.
    Patrick Galvin's modes and voice are unique and it is fitting that he has also been recorded by the B.B.C and the Library of Congress in the U.S.A. Unlike many contemporary poets he has a razor sharp awareness of the social scene, one that derives from hard times as a youth confirmed by hard times as an adult.
    (from the Cassette card notes by Timothy O'Keeffe). (A)

  • Substance And Shadow
    John Hewitt (Literary Supplement)

    The grave yet rich cadences of John Hewitt's voice perfectly express the character of his poems. Born in 1907, he is regarded as the father of Northern Irish Poetry. His professional career was spent in the Belfast Museum and Art Gallery (1930 - 1957) and in the Herbert Art Gallery Coventry where he was Art Director. Hewitt's publications indude: The Rain Dance (Blackstaff Press, 1978) prepared when he was poet-in-residence at Queens University Belfast (1976-1979), Kites in Spring (Blackstaff Press 1980). Other prose works include: Rhyming Weavers, Art in Ulster 1, (Blackstaff Press 1974 & 1977 respectively) (from the cassette card notes by Edna Longley). (A)

  • Harmonica Curse
    Dieter Roth

    Harmonica Curse comprises a cassette and polaroid photograph for each day of the year (from February l4th 1981 to February l3th 1982). Each day Dieter Roth plays a small accordian for half an hour and then takes a colour polaroid photograph of the location within which he has played. The location varies from his studio in Iceland to his studio in Stuttgart. Harmonica Curse is available in an edition of five, which comprises a cassette and original polaroid photograph, signed, dated and numbered by Dieter Roth. (POA)

  • <Dialogues>
    Ian Breakwell

    A cassette work by the artist, writer and film-maker Ian Breakwell, which explores the nature of verbal communication in a provocative and entertaining manner. Each of the scripts performed by the author and other readers is based on a particular dialogue form: question and answer, social repertory, theatrical dialogue, letter correspondence etc. (A)

  • Concerning Twenty Works
    Lawrence Weiner

    This cassette work was made by the artist on the occasion of his exhibition during October and November 1980 at the Anthony d'Offay Gallery. The structure of the cassette is based on the twenty works exhibited in the gallery but is extended by readings from other works, with Miranda Frawley and William Furlong. (A)