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Cut & Paste
Sound photocopies for "Recycling the Future"

Cut: to slice, but also to silence, to interrupt and to mark; the most brutal of fades is a Cut. Subtraction.

Paste*: to insert, to stick in, to glue up. In the case of C = copy, Paste means repetition and leads to patterns. Addiction.

Please note that Cut is either X or C (while Paste is always V), and that both operations are achieved pushing Control.

Photocopies: reproduction system widely used in the second half of the 20th century. It allowed a low quality paper copy of written documents and other flat items; being the product of a photographic process, the copy retained all the defects, marks and other "signs of life" of the original. The photocopy machine can also be rightfully considered the Mother of all Cut & Paste devices.

* general name used in Italy to identify small sweet cakes of various nature.

Sergio Messina/RadioGladio june `97