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Live from Toy Satellite, Melbourne
Recycling the Future @ Ars Electronica 97

Performed by Kim Bounds & Dale Nason.
Incidental drawings: Timothy Ralph.
Web coordination: Justina Curtis & Bruce Morrison.
International coordination: Andrew Garton from Linz, Austria.

Sponsored by:
Toy Satellite
Centre for Animation and Interactive Media,
RMIT Communications Centre, QUT
Creative Labs
Pegasus Networks

Contact for more information.

by Kim Bounds

Improvised spoken word performance drawn from personal writing and acounts of moments perceived with clarity amidst the SASS (short attention span syndrome) of society.

Kim Bounds has a background in art and design, film, and multimedia. Working primarily in the digital media of cd-rom and W3 projects, as well as non-linear film and audio production.

Currently Kim is collaborating with others on W3 projects and a CD-ROM Interactive. She is also currently developing more personal work in interactive, sculptural installations, and has performed spoken word pieces in collaboration with Dale Nason.
by Dale Nason

Dale Nason has been working with ideas relating to vibrational waves running through life and earth, erosion and self destruction in a variety of media in both produced and unproduced forms.
    For this Recycling the Future event the scientific menu is as follows:
  • 2222 12inch record A & B side inner circles.
  • 2222 12inch record A & B side record "last song" endings.
  • 2222 12inch record A & B side single spins that naturally slow to a halt.

  • The UnSound Psychological Distortion Feedback Overload featuring "promiscuous looping".
    But What About!)
  • Beatiful life in the process of sexual harmonizations.

    Each of the above menu items is currently available but the company will not be responsible for any short fall or lie made by any of our representatives.

Prior projects have included the following:

  • Sound for "Girls Own Girl Zone Interactive CDROM" and spoken word musical accompaniment both with artist Kim Bounds (Melbourne, Victoria, AUS). - Vibrational Healing workshop with Nadine Perry from CoCreations (Elsternwick, Victoria, AUS).
  • Collaborative Living Space project (West Melbourne, Victoria, AUS).
  • "between" improvised music experiment with Justine Jones and Miles Bennet. - Public Television experiments with the Spectrum and Cyberthon collaborations (Channel 31, Victoria, AUS).
I have been attempting to liase with clouds and wind. I am currently attempting reassimilation into Australian Society after a period of psychological distortion feedback overload.