DAY 1  (Tuesday, September 9)

The team arrived yesterday and the setup was immediate; we' re located in the design center in Linz (and housed in the world fabled RXXXXX Hotel Linz - name held for legal reasons - wich is slowly loosing its charm and becoming mean, menacious and unsafe), along with many other artists, groups and production teams. The place looks like a computer factory (lots of monitors with humans staring at them, lots of humans with monitors staring at them...) but to think how much information will pass through this hall (lots of internet sites temporarily located here, for example) is breathtaking; Today our guest performer was Elisabeth Schimana, who played her piece called Cairo in D.C. (that is Design Center) with the aid of Gordon Paunovic and Sergio Messina (yes, that's me). Main achievement of the day: almost everything worked almost perfectly almost all the time, almost.

DAY 2  (Wednesday, September 11)
1pm to 3pm we had the toy satellite peformance from Melbourne, with additional sounds from here in the design center; Andrea Sodomka was our guest performer (although we didn't hear a sound.... you people on the web have much more fun than we do here) and Ludwig Zeininger and I did our Lounge Radio performance (name thanks to Andrew Garton): in the middle of all this kunstie kunst we played tha Clash and Cypress Hill too; hope you enjoyed! Also, the Tom Sherman CD "Personal Human" was presented at the AEC (the volume was too low and nobody was dancing) First wave of slight panic in the group about tomorrow's long radionight (10,15 pm to 6 am cet: make sure you're tuned). Main achievement of the day: we'll leave the RXXXXX hotel (name held for taste reasons), and their greedy, unpleasant and insulting management. May RXXXXX all over the world rot in hell.