log by Sergio Messina

Log #1 july 18

We started with a very "formal" broadcast, introducing the theme, the people and the "acoustic extremities" of the recycling the future project. Despite the formal broadcasting style there has been already some "jazz" happening, clearly a preview of things to come.
Plenty of material from the Kunstradio archives has been aired in the first hour of broadcasting on the frequencies of Free Radio Kassel (and here on the net), including the very first edited piece in the history of sound (Week end by Walter Ruttman, 1929).

Log #2 july 19

Saturday: millions of visitors here at the Hybrid workspace in Kassel, where we produced/aired/outputted several live events taking place here and elsewhere (reaching us through the net and the phone lines; see calendar of events). Also, today was the first day we started recycling materials produced here. As expected, recycling produced interaction, which in turn generated more.


The result is that our favorite form of radio kunst production is now the "jam session" (where also very odd and unmusical instruments such as the Pro Tools have space)


Highlight of the day was a 3 meter long tape loop (passing through two reel-to-reel tape recorders) used by Andrea Sodomka, Martin Breindl, Volker Christian and Norbert Math in their Virtual Feedback Project.


Log #3 july 20

Late remote broadcast from Free Radio Kassel (11 pm to 1 am); to produce it we engaged in 3 jam sessions (#3 featuring Friedrich Tietjen on Subtle Thereminvox) one of wich was with Quebec city, where Christian Jaques played sitar). We also had plenty of visitors, here at the Orangerie, and August Black was so moved he put up some signs saying: "Please ask questions if you have any/Bitte fragen Sie, wenn Sie etwas wissen mötchen"

This was also "Reaction day": apparently the whole world requires us to react to some "creative act". Several reactions were observed during the surge of this reaction syndrome: the most extremes were the recycling of future samples and the developement of an utility software called "Stiff Knodel Kunstreaktor" based on the assumption that any reaction will bring some action anyway.

log #4 july 21

3 pm to 5 pm usual broadcast from Free Radio Kassel and Netcasts from Canada and Vienna. Also August Black did his "Recycle this idea" performance during Sergio Messina´s performance and went walking around outside the Orangerie (full of Documenta visitors) with wireless headphones and microphone and talking by himself.
The hyperactivity of the team, on a strict bread and coffee diet (and cigarettes! - the webmaster), is taking its toll: various visions were reported and Karl Petermichl, our magic Soundman, is talking about building a permanent 34.897 channel ISDN webknödl mixer to react to the whole world at once (and still have enough ram to play Quake).
For the first time in our 4 days stay here we had a real SOUNDCHECK. Ludwig Zeininger took care of it, and he means to do it even more full tomorrow. It was cast to a broad audience, in the best tradition of "public privateness" or viceversa.
Last, but not least Olindo Mercier, renown southern french composer and performer, visited us and performed some of his infernal baroquisms unlive on the air.to/teaLast

log #5 july 22

The 3 to 5 pm broadcast featured the full blown version of the soundcheck by Ludwig Zeininger which included various jammers (see previous logs for the concept of KunstJam). We also are experiencing a personnel turnover (also referred to as "injection of fresh blood"): Andrea Sodomka left (but she's going to join us again on thursday night from Vienna for a night broadcast), Tina Cassani and Bruno Beusch arrived with their Radio TNC project.
Sergio Messina (that's me) decided to go out to do his Theremin set (see page) in the inner city of Kassel. August Black followed with a videocamera and filmed the whole thing. At the end of a 2 twenty minutes performances, we found 8, 72 marks and a joint in the hat: not bad. This was the first sunny morning since we arrived (but in the afternoon we had a real storm, to remind us that we're still in northern Europe, despite the World Wide Web).

log #6 july 23

First full day of sun (you have to excuse me but I'm still italian after all). First we spoke in tongues, then we speculated about the sound of God(s); at 4pm the Radio Tnc broad/webcast took place: one of the main features was our superstar/moderator Friedrich Tietjen interviewing everybody about clonation (Tnc is doing a project on clonation). Also, there were some rumours about pork cheese and Bowie clones (but none confirmed, thank God). At 7pm Elisabeth Schimana sang and played her Eat up piece (with the ever smiling tirolean Norbert Math on oscillators, from here in Kassel).
Main achievement of the day: we changed restaurant, after a week (we're such a bunch of lazy kunstlers).

log #7 july 24 1997

Lots of new faces: the team of the "Der Untergang des christlichen Abendlandes" project arrived from Linz (their names being Raimund la Leeb, Alexander Baratsits, Chris J. Mutter, Reni & Jogi Hofmueller) and also we had the visit of the swiss artist Andres Bosshard wich performed for the radio and web audience his "Agakuk" piece set in Pakistan (featuring Sergio Messina on "utterly comical and incomprehensible german text"). Today we also had the second Beusch/Cassani "Radio Tnc's Clone specials" broad/webcast (with August Black in the role of Johnny DreamTech from the cloning company DreamTech International: he was so convincing that fooled at least 2 persons; and myself on "varios stolen audio items").
Then was the turn of Qubec city (jocelyn Robert) and Wien (Peter Rehberg): it was indeed a full day of audio. In fact we went on to the 11/12 pm Virtual Feedback live broadcast from Vienna with Andrea Sodomka in the studio and ourselves on several resonating objects (including the lovely Theremin and Norberth Math's mobile phone). Main achievement of the day: no meeting at the end of the day.

log #8 july 25 1997

The Fist Floor Radio/Radio Fro performance "The transport of the future by ship" took place today (2 to 4 pm) between here (remote) and Linz (main station). Then more dead snakes from Montreal and "Meeting the space", a dance improvisation by Stephen Hametner and Franziska Girsch (exactly what you'd expect from a radio, huh?).
Here it seems like february: rain, cold and dump kunst all over. The Radio TNC team left us (but they'll be with us in Linz in september) and we received plans for tomorrow's Berliner Theorie performances in the form of a fax that looked like a Dead Sea Scroll (and was just about as clear).
Major achievement of the day: getting other food rather than the gluey "spaghetti" as one of the five "free" meals (dm 2.50, the price of a dinner at Chez Maxime of New Delhi) we get from the Orangerie cafeteria.

log #9 july 26 1997

in progress ... ?

log #10 july 27 1997

in progress ... ?