Wieso finden bildende Künstler und imgrunde am Visuellen orientierte Medienkünstler das Medium Radio so attraktiv? Was bringt ihnen die Auto-Amputation des Blickes - von den politischen Fragen des Zugangs und der Distribution einmal abgesehen?

Why do visual artists and visually-biased media artists find the medium of radio so attractive? In this era when advertising executives affectionately refer to audiences as numerical sets of 'eyeballs', in the visual and media arts we see painters, photographers, sculptors, filmmakers, video artists and computer animators migrating into predominantly or even exclusively sonic zones of operation: i.e. varieties of performance or installation based on oral or acoustic information, audio CDs, radio broadcasts/webcasts.
What are the advantages or benefits of this auto-amputation of sight and abandonment of visual representation beyond the political issues of access and distribution?