Zona Archives is a non profit art organization founded by artists in Florence in 1974, among them Mauricio Nannucci.
From the beginning Zona Archives promoted and connected information, exhibitions and documentation about & around different media and avantgarde practices in the international art context. It became one of the most important and stimulating meeting points for artists of different tendencies and disciplines including sound, video, architecture, poetry.

From 1985 the activities were continued by Zona Archives and Outside Events, Productions & Publications. Its purpose is to present the collection of more than 20.000.- items and to inform on the various aspects of art languages such as artists' books, artists' records, small press scene, concrete poetry and ephemera. Until today Zona Archives has produced more than 300 events. Exhibitions are periodically organized in co-production with museums, libraries and archives all over the world.

Zona Archives/Box 1486/50121 Firenze/Italy