Fax from Vienna to Israel

Vienna, June 26th 1995

Dear Ilana,

how are you? We are so sad that the line did not work! There was nothing we could do. The trouble was in Paris. Our line expert at the ORF told me today that she has altogether bad experiences with the French, who do not seem to be very cooperative.

I feel especially bad as I know that it was so much work to prepare your contribution at a time when you had so many other things to do!

And it would have been so nice to have you included live in HORIZONTAL RADIO which otherwise went very well and can be considered a big achievement of our Ars Acustica group.

We want to immediately embark on the documentation of the project and of course the failed line will go into it as well as your planned contribution. If you have any material or want to write a few lines on how you and the musicians coped with the problem, we would be very grateful.

The CD is finished and will be sent off to you very soon.

Please, Ilana, do not be too disappointed. We all thought about you with lots of love.


Heidi Grundmann