Art's Birthday 2006: Bratislava - Slovak Radio
Art's Birthday 2006 - Trans DADA Express
Experimental project devoted to the Art’s Birthday 2006 party

Programme of the Slovak Radio’s live broadcast devoted to the „Art’s Birthday 2006 party: Trans DADA Express: Live from Bratislava
Date of broadcast: 17 January 2006 – 20:30 – 21:00 GMT (21:30 – 22:00 CET) Venue: Small Concert Hall, Slovak Radio
Programme devoted to the Year of Slovak Music.


NEW FORMS - part I. Experimental project.
Poetry in an experimental sound cover. Author’s project NEW FORMS created by the formation PSYCHEDELIC CIRKUS devoted to the Art's Birthday 2006.

Performer: Tomáš PSY Gáfrik - Live electronic mix, poetry, sound experiment.


Project – combination of text and music - acoustic practices, collective rhythmical revelry, inimitable motion activities and courageous unaffected presentation of short literary pieces – Cabaret almost Dadaistically playful, but showing the teeth of a sparkling humour, unashamed irreverence and revealing ingenuity. Readings from own works alternate in a quick succession with sounds resembling exotic singing, rhythmical noises, unarticulated cries and interjections. All that accompanied by experimentation with words and their various intonations.

Performers: Koloman Kertész Bagala, Silvester Lavrík, Laco Kerata, Vlado Janček, Karol D. Horváth

HelmaFRODIT (4:00)

“Rock-ization” of radio signals by extraterrestrial beings

Performers: Michal Murin, Michal Snopko
Visual Art Department - Academy of Arts, Banská Bystrica

ACID TEST (4:10)

NEW FORMS - part II. Experimental project - original form of poetry interpretation and innovative way of bass guitar playing in an experimental sound cover.

Performer: Tomáš PSY Gáfrik - Live bass, electronic, poetry, sound experiment.

R.G.B - NOISE (4:00)

Psychedelic piano of digital era, noise subjectivization

Performer: Erik Bartoš, Matej Minarovič
Visual Art Department - Academy of Arts, Banská Bystrica


Experimental electronic project on the folk music tunes of the Čičmany village by young composers.
Electroacoustic music and live performance
Stano Palúch - violin
Igor Jančár - laptop
Michal Lichý - laptop

Programme produced by:
Radio Devín
Experimental Studio of Slovak Radio
INET Radio
Visual Art Department - Academy of Arts, Banská Bystrica Film and TV Department - Academy of Arts, Bratislava
Music Centre Slovakia