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Ars Acoustica Group

The Art's Birthday 2007 network

will bring together free radio stations, individual artists, artist organizations and members of the EBU Ars Acustica group celebrating the 1,000,044th anniversary of the birth of art.
Belfast, Spart
Kingston, Ontario 
New York,
Prag, the society of

Regensburg, pomodoro bolzano

Art's Birthday Party - Live from Regensburg (pomodoro bolzano)

17th january 2007 :: art's birthday - l'anniversaire de l'art 1.000.044

its all happening and live ::

! send us your voice as a present
!! art.birthday in cyberspace
!!! arts birthday network

dear friends, artists and artlovers,

pomodoro bolzano is happy to invite you to take part in art.birthday 1.000.044. feel free to send your voice as a present streaming in realtime into the party - the minute after the beep is all yours ...

call art.birtday-phone +49 -(0)941 -780 395 47
on january 17, 2007 / 7pm -12pm CET (=10am - 3pmPST)

for the lucky ones who happen to be in the area - pop in, share the xxXperience and party with us!

important notice :: to open the door call chris :: 0160-844 52 53
location: trendlabor.fairyfactory /// prinz-ludwig-str.1 /// d- 93055 regensburg ///
(entrance old slaughterhouse green building right – eingang alter schlachthof gruenes gebaeude rechts)

pomodoro bolzano
(have a listen to last years art.birthday calls in the memory)

xxX-tenxion SecondLife

ART's 1million44th BIRTHDAY, in-world!
from january 17, 2007 PST
(PST = UTC/GMT - 8 hours = CET - 9hours)

the honorable paco mariani and the media art group pomodoro bolzano have the pleasure to invite you to visit the pomodoro bolzano in netherbeck/SL and experience the first celebrations of arts birthday in Cyberspace. come on in - its free!

special guest: miulew :: live sound art performance from sollefteå/sweden 15:00 PST

+++ live stream from arts birthday celebrations worldwide +++ free art.birthday t-shirt for your avatar +++ future design and effects from tokyo laboratories/netherbeckSL +++ donations in linden$ encouraged

pomodoro bolzano / netherbeck (166, 166, 81)
your cyber-hosts: paco mariani, vit latynina, agent0 + de.thomas dibou

(to get there you need first to download the SecondLife (SL) software at after installed you create your free membership and hooray, there you are with your new born avatar rezzing away... for full pleasure the use of kinda state-of-the-art computers and some bandwidth are highly recommended.)

the global net

let the sun shine - get synchronized!
smashing artbirthday ideas mashed with celebrations of 100 years of radiotransmission, cosmic connectivity and participatory vibes...

www - tokyo - vienna - prague - berlin - regensburg - brussels - antwerp - montréal - ottawa - toronto - kingston - winnipeg - vancouver - netherbeck - and many more!!! >>> follow directions for january 14 - 20, 2007
St. Barbara (August Black) 
Tokyo, Radio
Toronto, New Adventures in Sound
Vancouver, The Western Front
Winnipeg, Video Pool Media Arts