PapierfliegerSole – a visual and sonic performance
by the writer and experimental reading artist Thomas Havlik
and the electro-noise musician Karl Kilian_fm zombimaus

PapierfliegerSole unites the live energetics of a performative-musical reading with elements of a radio play, and thus deliberately lets down expectations connected to traditional literary events, as well as to radio play studio productions.

Two different texts in one, that just as much proceed in different parallel levels of listening as they inflate and reject eachother, and bounce back, are read by one person split into two voices.

In the process, the „immaterialness“ of one of bodies, a specific of the medium radio, is used for a sonic effect. Beside all kinds of electronic choices, at least temporarily, the tape is an available instrument for the musician which edited, or as it is, he can take to pieces and reassemble.

The images provoked by text and sound reciprocally form and contain eachother. The controlled simultaneity leaves it to the listeners to listen to different, linearly told stories by switching back and forth, or to make a story of their own. In any case, the listener is under the influence of the performative presentation.

The past is blended into this recording: the saved data on the tape, the reading performance’s present, and the time of its broadcasting.

Karl Kilian aka fm zombiemaus

/ was born as Karl-Maria Falstaff-Kilian on the 1st of April, 1977 in Linz & Wels, Upper Austria
/ works as musician, artist, body stretcher, DJ, writer, porn aspirant and teacher in Vienna
/ produces the monthly cultural magazine K³ for
/ curates exhibitions (e.g. the exhibition-trilogy sauna – WomanArtists/ MixedGroups/ MenArtists ( ))
/ is an experimental electronic-noise musician
/ runs the music label
/ released 2 solo CDs and took part as remixer/musician on different compilations in Germany, Ukrainia, Austria etc.
/ produces film music (f.a.q., stolen, target trash-Popcornize)
/ won the Remix-contest Dvorak meets Elekronik by the Volksoper Wien + FM4
/ played at different festivals in Europe (e.g. av motional 1+2 and Simultan 1+2 in Romania, La Petite Mort 1+2 in the Czech-Republic, eeii in Croatia, Roadside Picnic and ruin in Vienna)
/ performed with Thomas Havlik at the Austrian Embassy in Belgrade as literate and musician
/ regularly performs as DJ Kosmoprolet or Trashterrier
/ performs as experimental dance electronic musician PornoBone
/ produces short-films, room installations
/ loves to make love
/ does different performances (just “Eggtennis” or “Rent An WeihnachtsEngels”)
/ likes pseudonyms & akas

Next Big Project:
Karl Kilian Festpiele 2007
23rd March – 1st April 2007
readings/ exhibitions/ concerts/ performances/ DJ-lines/ screenings