"Das Gehirn in der Leitung" - by wortwerft
With his text "Das Gehirn in der Leitung", Clemens Marschall tries to offer a hypothesis what it would sound like, if one would have broadcast a radio show, live and unfiltered, directly from the brain of Jesus Christ Allin – a hardcore punk singer and bandleader best remembered for his notorious live performances that typically featured wildly transgressive acts. This means that his thoughts have to be disentangled from an x-dimensional rhizome, and reduced to only two levels: the words and the sound. At the end of this broadcast from the brain, the phone rings. It’s Maria Seisenbacher, sitting on the subway, who’s calling and, again, broadcasting live and directly from another place. The speaking self / performer disappears here, is not necessary, and changes position from on stage to on line. The subway passengers are now also involuntary receivers who can’t escape from the sound.


are writers coming from very different literary directions, and not forming a unity, but rather developing a pluralistic dynamics with a broad spectrum. They form joint ventures with image and sound, the producers of which are to be found with Wortwerft, as well as other platforms like the literary magazine "Keine Delikatessen".
Wortwerft is part of and located at Kunstwerft (www.kunstwerft.at), an artist-run initiative that was founded in 2004 to connect artists working with different media.

Clemens Marschall

born in Upper Austria. Member of Wortwerft, and founding member of the music magazine Big Load (www.bigload.at); composer (myspace.com/rokkoanal). Publishes literary texts in literary magazines. Lives and studies in Vienna.
-> "Aufstehen mit Jesus Christ Allin" by Clemens Marschall

Maria Seisenbacher

born in 1978 in Vienna. Writes prose, poetry, and radio plays; publishes in literary magazines and anthologies. Co-founder and editor of „Keine Delikatessen“(www.keinedelikatessen.at), a literary magazine, and part of the web team of the Ingeborg Bachmann Association (www.ingeborg-bachmann.cc).
-> "ganz einfach" by Maria Seisenbacher

Thomas Havlik

born in 1978. Numerous readings and performances (a.o. Literaturhaus Salzburg, Alte Schmiede, Vienna; Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna; ÖKF/ACF Belgrade), publishes in literary magazines and anthologies; member of IG Autorinnen/Autoren, GAV (Grazer Autorinnen/Autorenversammlung), and Litges St. Pölten. Editor for the literary journal „etcetera“.
Lives and works in Vienna. http://thomashavlik.net