Garrett Phelan - Curated by - Garrett Phelan- selected new regurgitated monologues from ‘At what point will common sense prevail’

Kunstradio – Radiokunst presents a selection of the new online audio project ‘At what point will common sense prevail by Garrett Phelan as part of its ‘Curated by’ series. Phelan’s ‘Curated by’ series will coincide with the international launch of the online project ‘At what point will common sense prevail’ in April 2008.

Garrett Phelan produced the text of each of the sound pieces by instigating and contributing to online forums ranging from physics forums to religious forums. These online debates on issues such as “Commitment to truth”, “Youth isn’t a defence” or “Change is our only Commonality” were led by the artist and then edited into scripts. One half of the 26 different scripts have been translated into different languages ranging from French, Spanish, Dutch to Chinese or Kirundi, the rest remain in English. Garrett Phelan recorded the reading of the texts by 26 different native speakers. After these recordings, each participant was recorded a second time. This time they were not allowed to read the script instead they had to listen to their own recording where they were required to repeat exactly what they heard the moment they heard themselves speak.

The 26 ‘regurgitated monologues’, as the artist calls the recordings you hear, present a specific sound aesthetic. The aesthetic is not only created by the sometimes unfamiliar language. The participants became vessels/ regurgitators of unfamiliar content which passes through them creating a dry, unemotional, monotone in their voices. The listener experiences an aesthetic of disconcertion, fracture, disassociation and tension. The positioning of familiar and unfamiliar languages together deepens and shifts the parameters of understanding.

The context and production process of the ‘regurgitated monologues’ will not be made available to the listeners during the broadcast of these works on Kunstradio – Radiokunst. They are to be directly encountered by the listeners as unexplained regurgitated monologues.

Edited selections of the soundworks that are part of the ‘At what point will common sense prevail’ project are available on request for radio broadcast.

An archive installation of this project including 26 soundworks and 26 drawings is also available for gallery exhibition.

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This project is also shown in the framework of Art ON Air - Radiokunst im Wandel at the Research Centre for Artists' Publications at Weserburg - Museum for Modern Art, Bremen.

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2008 Garrett Phelan.