Technical Explanation about 5.1

by Karl Petermichl

English | German

Along with the advances in content, strategy and aesthetical expression, the technical achievements over the last years lend themselves to "re-invent the radio" also from an engineering point of view. Worldwide audiences enjoy the "envelopement" thru multichannel audio in cinema theatres and with dvd-playback at home, yet FM radio was not able to transmit discrete multichannel audio properly.

The combined engineering power for this celebration night gives us the possibility to deliver the multichannel sound mixed at the "art-radio live performances" via ASTRA Satellite Free-To-Air to your home across Europe. Please Re-Scan the ASTRA 1H Satellite, Transponder 117, then you will find the new Radio Channel "OE1 DD". The digital output of your Settop-Box now delivers 5.1-Audio in the "Dolby Digital" format, this can be decoded with a large number of installed home cinema setups.

Our multichannel setup not only delivers you 5.1-Mixes from the radio broadcasting studio, but also real 5.1-Mixes from the live venues at the "Radio Music Hall" in Vienna, as well as the "Ars Electronica Center" in Linz, where many well-known radio artists will perform in the "Sky Medialoft" live on site.