The Long Night of Radioart 2004

19:30 - 24:00 (+1 GMT)
Radiokulturhaus Wien
Sky Medialoft, AEC Linz


Streams from: Baltimore, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Mexico City, Montréal, New York City, Tokio, Vancouver, Weimar, and others...


19:30 - 6:00 (+1 GMT)
on Radio Ö1, Austria and digital via Satellite, first time in dolby 5.1

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Song of Place: Vancouver

19:40 - 20:20

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Songs of Place Series
"Songs of Place: Series 1,"  is a production series of experimental audio art portraits which use surround sound audio and split screen video techniques to represent 4 Canadian places: Halifax, N.S., MontrĂ©al, QC, Vancouver BC, and Springwater, Sk. Each composition in the series captures a portrait of a selected city or countryside, using multiple (8 or 10) Acoustic Mapping Process (4 channel surround sound) location recordings.  These recordings are layered and edited together with another system called "Dynamic Voltage Mapping" (DVM). In my AMP / DVM compositions I am proposing to the listener a new way of listening, a new way of perceiving sound and space.   In each Songs of Place production, my DVM editing technique reduces the linear information from each AMP recording location and replaces it with information from another.

For the visual component, one continuous video is shot which corresponds to individual AMP audio recordings and locations, which are then collaged together in one screen, shown as  a visual representation poetically documenting the geographic iconography.

The audio and video is then be compiled together for DVD production, complete with Dolby 5.1 surround sound for presentation in installation or special screenings, where surround sound audio systems can be optimally installed.

I am interested in creating a sonic and visual portrait of a particular place at a particular time.  It is my contention that to fully hear a place one needs to hear the space of that place.  By using my Acoustic Mapping Process, and editing techniques such as my Dynamics Voltage Mapping, I am able to create intense spatial compositions unlike any mono, stereo or even surround sound compositions commonly experienced.

Songs of Place: Vancouver (2002 - 2004)
The audio composition of "Songs of Place: Vancouver" follows the same editing and conceptual techniques as the other "Songs of Place" compositions, using the same AMP and DVM processes, and mapping architecture. A circle drawn on the map of the city, using Queen Elizabeth Park as the centre point and the diameter of circle limited by the water edge of the ocean water's is the system used to find the 8 recording locations.  In this piece the sound of a flock of seagulls flying over head and feeding on bread crumbs will be used as the editing template for the DVM editing process (just as dripping water was used in the Songs of Place: Halifax or the sound of my footfalls in Songs of Place: Montreal, or the blowing wind in Songs of Place: Springwater).  The videos are all one shot continuous takes of the AMP recording sites.  These AMP videos are edited together using random insert editing so that all 8 sites, play simultaneously together but show only one of the 8 views at a one time.  The left and right "insert" videos are then slowly introduced over top of the view of the Pacific ocean, like image posts or totems which counterpoint the horizon line of the ocean.  Eventually three such posts on both the left and right edges of the "triptych" are manifested. Synchronized together, these video images sometimes combine (randomly) to show this "point of view" as a unified video frame over the background image.  The background ocean image is taken from the bow and stern of one of many BC ferry boats crossing to Vancouver Island from Vancouver and back.  The ocean video is played back at double speed, and like all the other videos in this piece is continuous and unbroken. 



Steve Heimbecker