#1 Andrew Garton - Towards Future Schwitters

Future Schwitters was a live, generative "spat" word composition created and streamed on the 19 / 09 / 1999 for MERZmuseum. In keeping with the spirit of Schwitters own work processes, this piece was an assemblage of "torn" pieces of recorded text, text which itself was uttered in fragments.

The process entailed voice sampling, editing and processing, synthesis, remix of incoming streams and finally, the construction of Future Schwitters within Koan (generative music software).

The text was comprised of onomatopoeic voice combinations and original poetry. The latter had been edited so as only fragments of words, or unwords remained. These were then cut as loops and added to the suite of sounds that was Future Schwitters.

To be more precise, Future Schwitters was produced as a live work in progress. Every component of the creation of the piece was streamed live: raw pre-production recordings, editing, programming, assimilation of incoming streams and final mixing - this was the work itself. The recorded works, those available on the Future Schwitters website, and the piece selected for the CD archive, are a product of this process. However, they remain absent from the live work that was heard in its true form during MERZmuseum.

When history took up his life and tore it apart, he made art with it. Right up till the end, he was beginning again Colin Morton on Kurt Schwitters

With the support of c2o, SSEYO and Toy Satellite.

1. Kurt Schwitters / Gerhard Rühm Welt voller Irrsinn 0:45
2. Ward Weis Ursonate (ff) 0:35
3. Liesl Ujvary Allschwitters 1:46
4. Christopher Butterfield / Andrew Hunter Technollage II 2:40
5. Simon Kunath / James A. Smith UpyourUrsonate 7:20
6. Norbert Math / Andrea Sodomka BOTsonata, 1st movement / Rondo 4:59
7. Sergio Messina Tic / aaa part 1 0:42
8. Gerhard Jaschke alles stimmt, aber auch das gegenteil 0:32
9. Bernhard Loibner Big Ben 2:25
10. Norbert Math / Andrea Sodomka BOTsonata, 2nd movement / Largo 4:39
11. Josef Klammer Besenübung 1:56
12. Andrew Garton Towards Future Schwitters 4:35
13. Bill Furlong Spoken For / Spoken About 2:33
14. Hank Bull Schwitthop 5:18
15. Subtolerance (Robert Klajn / Gordan Paunovic) Schwittscetches 3:14
16. Kurt Schwitters / Gerhard Rühm Nießscherzo 1:02
17. NetRadioHomerun (T. Kogawa / J. Oenokiv / M. Saito / H. Tanaka) Waiting for Godot in Cyberspace 2:52
18. Debbie Boyko From dawn to dark 4:17
19. Bernhard Loibner Fümms Böö Wöö 1:44
20. Johannes Sienknecht einStimmen 5:06
21. Fundamental Radio (August Black / Markus Seidl) Slowschwitt & Country 3:00
22. Hartmut Geerken improvisation on a postcard from kurt schwitters to salomo friedlaender 4:57
23. Rupert Huber / J. Klammer / N. Math / A. Sodomka On Site Wien / Finale & Hartmut Geerken 7:32

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