#7 Sergio Messina - Tic / aaa part 1

Tic / aaa fiddles again with a longtime interest of mine: technological accidents, or misunderstandings (qui pro quo) between machines (try reading any jpg with a text program to see exactly what I mean). In this, the Mac Os 7.5 gave a nice clue. Upon not finding certain extensions, a note popped up, saying: “Sorry, I do not speak this dialect”. Also the babel of standards never ceases to amaze me: I‘ve spent hours listening to (video) recorded vhs tape on a 8 track 1/2 inch (audio) tape recorder (hearing the video track) and things like that.

Upon joining this project, I found four Ursonate 8 bit wav samples on the web, at: http: // www.peak.org / ~dadaist / English / TextOnly / ursonate.html and I have decided to work with those alone; more: I have imagined that these were the only bits left of the Ursonate. Further: I imagined myself as a space traveler from somewhere reconstructing our culture, and all there was left of this piece were those four samples. They obviously could not be decoded and played anymore (a vast theme often dealt with by science and art), but I am a smart and stubborn alien, and finally now I (and you all) can hear the Ursonate (which I know is called Tic / aaa) exactly as it was performed by the author.

1. Kurt Schwitters / Gerhard Rühm Welt voller Irrsinn 0:45
2. Ward Weis Ursonate (ff) 0:35
3. Liesl Ujvary Allschwitters 1:46
4. Christopher Butterfield / Andrew Hunter Technollage II 2:40
5. Simon Kunath / James A. Smith UpyourUrsonate 7:20
6. Norbert Math / Andrea Sodomka BOTsonata, 1st movement / Rondo 4:59
7. Sergio Messina Tic / aaa part 1 0:42
8. Gerhard Jaschke alles stimmt, aber auch das gegenteil 0:32
9. Bernhard Loibner Big Ben 2:25
10. Norbert Math / Andrea Sodomka BOTsonata, 2nd movement / Largo 4:39
11. Josef Klammer Besenübung 1:56
12. Andrew Garton Towards Future Schwitters 4:35
13. Bill Furlong Spoken For / Spoken About 2:33
14. Hank Bull Schwitthop 5:18
15. Subtolerance (Robert Klajn / Gordan Paunovic) Schwittscetches 3:14
16. Kurt Schwitters / Gerhard Rühm Nießscherzo 1:02
17. NetRadioHomerun (T. Kogawa / J. Oenokiv / M. Saito / H. Tanaka) Waiting for Godot in Cyberspace 2:52
18. Debbie Boyko From dawn to dark 4:17
19. Bernhard Loibner Fümms Böö Wöö 1:44
20. Johannes Sienknecht einStimmen 5:06
21. Fundamental Radio (August Black / Markus Seidl) Slowschwitt & Country 3:00
22. Hartmut Geerken improvisation on a postcard from kurt schwitters to salomo friedlaender 4:57
23. Rupert Huber / J. Klammer / N. Math / A. Sodomka On Site Wien / Finale & Hartmut Geerken 7:32

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