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RADIOTOPIA - The Long Night of Radio Art
on air - on line
September 10th/11th, 2002 - open end

Radiotopia will be, literally, a radio-place; instead of the homogenized drone of corporatized globalization, Radiotopia will be the sound of a varied world, emanating from people engaged in widely diverse cultural practices.

RADIOTOPIA - The Long Night of Radio Art proposes to create a temporary network aimed at linking disparate parts of the globe on many realtime and virtual levels, creating a radio network including the internet grounded in radio transception (both sending and receiving).

Artists of all fields and from all over the world are invited to become participants/nodes of the RADIOTOPIA network. Part of this Network are independent artists, artists groups, media people and radio stations world-wide.

To create the unique radiophonic sound of RADIOTOPIA - The Long Night of Radio Art (radio as a worldwide medium for communication, exchange and dialogue supporting and amplifying under-represented voices), we propose a strong language or vocal element in your contributions.

This diverse and regional vocabulary might also include the "voices" of specific landscapes, cityscapes, ecosystems and musical instruments around the world.

Send your radioart pieces/sound pieces/poems/scores in a pre-recorded form via snail mail (on cassettes, CDs, MDs), Internet (live streams, files, images), telephone and fax, or submit your texts/poems/ statements (in all languages) including biographies, short descriptions of the pieces and images to

ORF Kunstradio
c/o Radiotopia
Argentinierstr. 30a
A - 1040 Vienna

Phone. ++43 732 7272 60
Fax: ++431 50101 18065

or upload your sound pieces via Internet at


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