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El ojo acustico del Manuel Alvarez Bravo [composition/tape]  
Contribution Description:

A sound montage. A description and interpretation of five photographs by the famous Mexican photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo (b.1902).

The piece has six parts:
an introduction or summary of elements from the following 5 pieces interpreting specific photographs:
"Angeles en camion", "El violin huichol", "Escala de escalas", "Obrero en huelga asesinado" and "Paisaje y galope".

Angeles en camion"(Angels in a truck) 4'08":
In this piece radioart is used to describe the surrealist vision that Bravo Alvarez caught with his camera and immortalized on silver nitrate.
The image: plaster angels loaded onto a truck waiting for their trip to an unknown place.

El violin huichol (The huicholean violin). 2'59"
(with ara Graciela García Ceja)
With sounds recorded directly in the huicholas communities, the researcher Sara Graciela Garcia attempts to lend sonic expression to to the matching photograph. The image: a violin huichol waits impatiently for the fingers of its owner.

Obrero en huelga asesinado (Striking worker assassinated) 2'42"
The image shows not only the body and the blood spilled on the ground but also points to the social situation which is also subject of the sounds in the radio-piece.

Paisaje y galope (Landscape and gallop) 2'44"
A street with a tree and the wallpainting of a galloping horse.

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Oscar Inclan


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