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Ituri good time - music of the ituri pygmies remixed [soundscapes/file]  
Contribution Description:

One of the most beautiful cds I have is called "Polyphony of the deep rain forest - music of the Ituri pygmies"; it's a "Jvc world sounds"
cd recorded in the forest of Zaire. Despite its scientific background this album is edited with an artistic aim: of the five tracks, three
are actual african musical compositions (a ballade, a performance for voice and instrument and an instrumental trio). The remaining two are labelled "Kukonga point - daytime polyphony" which runs for 21'13"
and "Kukonga point - nighttime polyphony" which is 9'38" long.
Clearly these are regular gatherings for the Ituri (in this spot named Kukonga) and in the second track they are obviously moving
around in the forest.

The tracks capture singing but also long minutes of silence, laughter, chatter and background sounds - stuff that westerners
usually throw out, not being "the song". I love these parts; they put
me such in a good mood that I have decided to go radical: remix both tracks by simply editing out the singing and keeping only the bits in between. There is a 5" pause between first (daytime) and second (nighttime) part.

Jvc world sounds (vicg-5015)
Polyphony of the deep rain forest - music of the Ituri pygmies
Made @ c.o.w. in 2002
The recordings are unaltered digital clones.

Sergio Messina/RadioGladio

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Sergio Messina


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