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Voices from the Western Front  
2002/09/11 02:45 - 02:55 (GMT)

Event Background:

An excerpt from Burning Vision read by the award winning playwright Marie Clements.
In the late 1800's, Dene Medicine Man had a vision of a burning coming from the sky. The vision came true. Burning Vision traces the journey of uranium rock from Northern Canada- embedded in the Sahtu Dene territory - through water, over land, and into fire: the bomb that
dropped on Hiroshima. Both tragic and irreverent,
Burning Vision weighs the burdens of our ancestors as they travel through time, across continents and in our genes to cast shadows on the present.

Danielle P. Roger - The Heart Noises
This new work for voice, percussion and texts by poet Claude Gauvreau features Vancouver vocalists: Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Peter Hurst, Christopher Butterfield and DB Boyko with Montreal composer/percussionist Danielle P. Roger.
A web performance of this 50 minute sonic poem as work-in-progress for Radiotopia.

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