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2002/09/10 21:00 - 2002/09/11 04:00 (GMT)

Event Background:

From the rowdy protest sounds of Quebec City to the hollow silences of Montreal's abandoned buildings to the fiery political speeches of local activists - CKUT streams and broadcasts a special 7-hour Long Night radio art broadcast.

Political Madness 21:00-22:00 the absurd world of political sound
Shades of Culture 23:00-0:00: the mindstate, 1st edition with Prym Tym
Heavenly Delights 03:00-04:00: listen as the Church of Harvey Christ attemps to
demoralize you through the power of tolerance & songs.

Featured DJs include Prym Tym, Dexter X, Aidan Girt, Sister Self-Served,
Ben Finkelberg & Reverend Norm

Producer: Luca Palladino and all of the above.

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