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Radio Afrika International

Radio Afrika International will broadcast poems and sounds from Africa.

2002/09/10 21:00-22:00
Radio FRO

Markus Binder, Ingo Leindecker and Markus Seidl performing live from the Radio Fro 105.0 mhz studio in Linz. They will concentrate on soundscapes from the Southern hemisphere.

2002/09/10 21:00-
2002/09/11 03:00
Telephone Poetry Live from Jerusalem

Esther Ettinger, Zali Gurevitch, Gali-Dana Singer and Benyamin Shvili meet in the apartment of Ilana Zuckerman in Jerusalem. She invited the poets to read some of their works on the occasion of Kunstradio's Long Night of Radio Art.

2002/09/10 21:15-21:30
The Topos of Radio

The Goethe Gallery and micro FM subnodes in Tokyo. Organised and curated by Tetsuo Kogawa. With: Polymorphous Radio, Radio Free Platanus, Radio Baffer and Art Strike + FIU Japan.

2002/09/10 21:15-
2002/09/11 02:00
studio23 - Radio Orange

Passport Mix (tracks 6 and 8) by the Scottish sound-artist ZoŽ Irvine. The mix refers to the often desparate asylum seekers kept in France while they hope to find a way to get to Britain.

2002/09/10 21:30-21:45
Cafe Sonore/ VPRO

On Sept 10th 2002, Cafe Sonore, the weekly radioart program of the VPRO presented by Armeno Alberts becomes one of the sites of RADIOTOPIA on air - on line.

2002/09/10 21:30-22:00


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