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Cell Stories 1-Kunstradio Live

"Cell Stories" by Ashwell Adriaan is a live radio work from the archive produced by Adriaan and - others for the Robben Island Museum in the former A section of the Robben Island maximum security prison.

2002/09/08 21:05-22:00
Brave New Waves

Brave New Waves has invited Annabelle Chvostek and guests into the studio to jam with the Radiotopia network on Sept 9, 2002.

2002/09/09 21:00-21:30
Vienna meets Madagaskar - an internet Radio for World Wide Ethno Music and Reports - broadcasts a live event from an Ethno-Session in Antananarivo and links it to a live event in Vienna.

2002/09/10 21:00-
2002/09/11 03:00
1-Kunstradio: The Long Night of Radio Art

The LONG NIGHT OF RADIO ART is a networked collaboration of artists on site in Linz and at other locations around the globe. Acting as one of the live nodes in a bigger network, the LONG NIGHT will be accessible on FM, Shortwave, AM as well as on line.

2002/09/10 21:00-
2002/09/11 03:00

From the rowdy protest sounds of Quebec City to the hollow silences of Montreal's abandoned buildings to the fiery political speeches of local activists - CKUT streams and broadcasts a special 7-hour Long Night radio art broadcast.

2002/09/10 21:00-
2002/09/11 04:00


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